Room size chart

Can I Fit A Pool Table In My Home??

**Not Sure if you can fit a Pool Table in your home or want to know what size will work?  Please refer to the room chart below when determining which Pool Table or Pool Table Dining Set will fit comfortably. 

Most Pool Tables purchased are 8′ Pool Tables.  If your room is a little too small to use a standard 58″ Cue, we have included meassurements for shorter cues. 

If you are still not sure or have an unusual room setting and need help determining if an 8′ table wiull work, please do not hesitate to call us. 

Room Size Chart

Pool Table Dimensions

**Below are charts showing the overall dimensions of both 7′ & 8′ Pool Tables.  These charts show the inside measurements and the overall outside measurements of most 7′ & 8′ Pool Tables.  Measurements can vary slightly depending on the style of the table and the manufaturer.  Things like rail width and bumper style can casuse the measurements to vary slightly.