Receiving Instructions

Chances are the shipment will arrive without damage and all will be fine.  However, if that is not the case and a claim has to be filed with the carrier the following information can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful outcome.

What to do before signing the Delivery Receipt.

  1. Take Pictures
  2. Notate in detail any obvious damage on the delivery receipt.
  3. Write any and all visible signs of irregularities of anykind on the Delivery Receipt, including but not limited to scuff marks, crushed corners (no matter how small), rips, tears or holes in the packaging and write, Possible Concealed Damage on the Delivery Receipt.
  4. Should there be signs of damage & if the driver will stay while an inspection of the contents is performed, you can notate the exact damage on the Delivery Receipt.
  5. Be sure any notations you make appear on both copies of the Delivery Receipt, yours and the drivers.
  6. All notations need to be done beforesigning the Delivery Receipt.
  7. Be sure you andthe driver sign both copies.
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