The Wilson is a stunning, contemporary designed table with a unique rail system that sets this table apart.  The Double Diamond sites and interlocking angled legs creating a W will enhance any entertaining area with its chic appearance.

Size: 8′

Stain: Ash Brown

Leg Type: Interlocking Angled Legs

Pockets: Drop Pocket Liners


Table Construction

  • One-piece metal support frame creates a solid platform for the slate
  • Slate levelers are built onto the metal frame allowing the installer to level the slate with ease.
  • Vertical Metal posts separate the top rail from the lower rail creating a channel for the balls.

Cushion Rubbers

  • Presidential’s BCA approved K-66 profile cushion rubbers are used on all our tables.
  • This superior quality cushion rubber results in one of the liveliest and most accurate rails in the industry.


  • Solid hardwood 7.75” wide rails
  • Pre-assembled metal support beams
  • Hardwood legs


  • 1 inch 3-piece K-pattern slate
  • The slate is diamond honed to perfection to within ten-thousands of an inch


  • 103.5″L x 59″W x 32″H

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