Our Morse Pool Table shows off the master skills of old world craftsmen. A finger jointed interlocking apron wrapped in steel braces adorned with a forged industrial rivets.

Size: 8′

Stain: Barnwood Elm

Leg Type: Post

Pocket: Enclosed


  • Double Main Beam’s:
    • Beam’s are 4″ x 2″ interlocking solid pieces of wood, extending the length of the table.
    • Provides 66% more frame to slate support compared to the industry standard table.
    • Unitizes the frame and give it incredible support that will not fatigue or fail over time.
  • One Piece Legs-
    • Strongest foundation possible Extends from the floor to the slate.
    • Allow the heavy weight of the slate to be evenly distributed to the floor.
    • Legs are attached to the cabinet by using heavy lag bolts and wood dowels.
  • Cabinet & Framing:
    • 100% Solid Hardwood Cabinet
    • All Wood Interior Frame.
    • No Metal
  • Rails, Cushions & Play Surface:
    • 6.5” Oversize Professional All Wood Top Rails
    • K66 Natural Tournament Cushions
    • Impressively Responsive and Accurate Play
    • 100% Accurate Rebound
    • Enclosed Wood Corners with Genuine Leather Drop-Pockets
    • 1” K-Patterned Framed Slate

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