Cornilleau 600X Outdoor Ping Pong Table


The 600X outdoor ping pong table is packed with cool features, including ample storage space for accessories, bottle holders, point counters and ball dispensers.  Best of all, it manages to include all of these innovations and extras without compromising on the basics: safety, ergonomics and ease of use.  When it comes to quality of play, its rebound and perfect spin response will satisfy the most demanding of players.

Available in Blue or Black.




Cup Holder:

Nothing is better than having a refreshing drink at the ready while you’re playing ping pong, but the last thing you want is for your glass to be knocked over during the heat of the game.  In designing the fold-away cup holders for the 600X ping pong table, as with all of the storage features in our tables, our team drew inspiration from customer suggestions.


Point Counters:

Who will be first to rack up eleven points and win the game? Now everyone will know the score – with no room for cheaters! If you prefer not to use the point counters, simply flip them away under the table.


Height and Tension-Adjustable Automatic Net:

Unfold the 600X ping pong table and it’s immediately ready for play. The net posts move into position automatically when you unfold the table. Select the right height for your game using the dial at the base of the net, and then adjust the tension simply by pulling the string and blocking it with the clasp. Voila! Your net is perfectly adjusted, and you’re all set to play.


Storage and Ball Dispensers:

The 600X ping pong table includes a host of great storage features.  You can store paddles, balls, your smartphone and whatever else is in your pockets in the accessory holders on the sides of the table.  There’s even room for a small bottle of water for when you get thirsty. No need to go off in search of balls during a game – just take a new ball from the conveniently located dispenser. Every detail has been designed for maximum comfort and simplicity.


Simple Height Adjustment:

The 600X ping pong table is equipped with an innovative system that makes its feet easy to adjust.  Simply turn the collar to set your table to the right level. No need to lift the table, because the mechanism is not directly attached to the foot, nor in direct contact with the floor. Simple and effective.  No effort required!



Excellent Rebound Quality:

With its 7mm-thick resin laminate playing surface, the 600X ping pong table offers an excellent playing experience.  The thicker the panel, the better the bounce, and the rebound quality of the 600X table holds its own compared with most of the tables in ping pong clubs.


Anti-Glare Coating:

To play at the top of your game, you need to be able to play in the sun without being blinded by the glare.  The MATTOP finish applied to the 600X ping pong table reduces the intensity of the sun’s rays tenfold compared with an uncoated table.  The only things that will leave your opponent blinded are your superior forehand and backhand shots!


Swivel Feet:

Not all outdoor playing surfaces are on level ground, but your ping pong table needs to be flat to ensure a good game.  With swivel pads located on the bottom of its feet, the 600X ping pong table adapts to any type of surface. Set up your table wherever you like – lawn, gravel, sand or soil – without compromising the quality of your game.


A Deep Frame To Fully Support The Playing Surface:

The frame is the metallic structure that supports your ping pong table’s playing surface.  A deeper frame gives the playing surface the best level of support.  The 600X frame, like those in all of Cornilleau’s outdoor tables, is made of Aluzinc®, a corrosion-resistant alloy containing steel, aluminum and zinc, known for its extreme sturdiness.  With a frame depth of 60mm, the 600X feel super solid.



Super Durable Materials:

The 600X ping pong table’s solid core laminate tabletop is designed to withstand heavy rain and snow, extreme heat and major paddle impacts.  All of the metal parts used in the 600X ping pong table are selected for their resistance and receive an anti-corrosion coating.  Like all of Cornilleau’s outdoor tables, the 600X is guaranteed for up to 10 years.


A Unique Locking System:

The 600X table has 16 locking points for maximum safety in the playing and storage positions alike. This patented system provides a first-rate level of safety. The table is effortlessly opened and closed using the accessible handle and the 600X has an additional in-built safety feature – it automatically re-locks at a 65-degree angle if the handle is no longer held while the table is unfolding.


A Compact Table – Less Bulk, More Safety:

The COMPACT TECHNOLOGY® folding system designed by Cornilleau reduces the risk of the table losing its balance. It also prevents children from sneaking between the panels in the storage position, and makes your table easier to open and close. Once folded, it has the dual advantage of being less bulky than a standard table, and easier to handle.


Corner Protection Pads:

To soften sharp edges and cushion any knocks or bumps, corner pads have been fitted on the 600X table. Your hips will thank you for choosing a table with corner pads, especially if you enjoy playing games of ’round the table’.


Two Brakes:

The 600X ping pong table includes 2 brakes, which significantly reduces the risk of your table moving while in the storage and playing positions.



Oversized Double Wheels:

With its oversized double wheels, you 600X ping pong table can be placed wherever you like.  The large, agile wheels can overcome obstacles easily and travel smoothly over any type of terrain.


Transport Handle:

Lifting you table up a step or two is always easier, not to mention safer, if you can get a good grip.  The transport handle fitted onto the 600X table was designed to help you move your table easily to any corner of your garden.  You’ll also find this handle very convenient when it comes to storing your table.



Colors of tops Black 113401 / Blue 113101
Playing surface Resinate 7 mm
Coating MATTOP
Frame height 60 mm / Aluzinc®
Locking system DSI (16 points)
Compact Technology Yes
Leg type / dimensions Tapered – 120~80 – 80 mm / 5~3 – 3 inches
Adjustable leg pad 3D adjustable / diam.104 mm / 4 inches
Net type Retractable
Adjustable net Tension + Height
Wheel type Special outdoor double wheels (oversized)
Wheels (thickness x diameter) 32 x 200 mm / 1.25 x 8 inches
Brakes 2
Ball Storage Yes / 6 balls
Racket storage Yes / 4 paddles
Corner protection pads Yes
Additional features 2 point counters

2 storage compartments

2 retractable cup holders

2 ball dispensers

1 crossing handle

Category (European Standards) EN 14468 – C CLASS
Approval FFTT leisure
Table weight 77 kg / 168 lbs.
Packaged weight 90 kg / 199 lbs.
Guarantee 10 years + 20 years repairable
Open table dimension (L x W x H) 274 x 167 x 76 cm /  108 x 66 x 30 inches
Folded table dimension 75 x 167 x 155 cm / 30 x 66 x 61 inches